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Last weekend, we spent Trav’s birthday in the beautiful city of Cebu! Here are a few photos of the trip. My bank account has been severely depleted haha

Stayed at a really cheap but nice hotel called The Richmond Plaza Hotel, just a few blocks away and walking distance from the Ayala Centre.

We were served the funniest and saddest looking “Continental Breakfast” EVER.

But our lunch definitely made up for it. The best liempo we have ever eaten (and quite possibly yummier than lechon!), Balamban Liempo.

With rice served in these little pandan things. I forget what they’re called.


The pretty Cebu Mormon Temple which was just a few steps away from the Balamban Liempo we ate at.

Since Travis was a Cebu first-timer, I just had to take him to the usual tourist spots!

First stop was Magellan’s cross.

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Live Happy Beyond Ordinary

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Last Monday, I made a trip down to Kapitolyo for some serious business life-altering things. But before I got there, I had to deal with the usual Manila rush-hour insanity.

Horrible traffic at Greenmeadows leading to Ortigas Ave., Sex Tourists by French Kicks, my love polka dots and cats, my newly coloured blue nails (which chipped after a day…)

I had a camera with me at the time so, as the habit I’ve come to develop over a time of awkward moments of running away from cameras, vanity ensued.

Eventually – say, about spending 30 minutes in the same stretch of road – I got to the Ace Water Spa branch of Figaro café for a meeting with none other than the owner of Heima Store, Bong Rojales.

And now I guess it is safe to announce that I am a new addition to the Heima family! Hurrah!

So how about a quick tour around the Brixton branch of our store? Ready, set–

Welcome to the Brixton branch of Heima, which can be found near Ace Water Spa in Kapitolyo.

Behold, the most amazing, most colourful and fanciful furniture your eyes will ever lay their eyes on.

Gorgeous typography art that try to stir up positive vibes in your life.

Revamped vintage typewriters in many bright colours.

Bone china lamps in various quirky shapes, chevron lamps in cute hues, and a collaboration with IdKids for some house decor!

Postcards and plushies and lollies and such :)

And for the vinyl collectors…

Got design needs? Heima is the place to go! They even specialise in customised furniture!

Heima has 3 branches around the metro, so whether you are from the north or from the south, you really have no excuse not to visit.

+ 632 358 5657

+ 632 798 0027

(Contact us to assure store is open)
+ 632 358 5657

Also visit their website at


Smooth recoveries

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Let’s face it. There are not a lot of good 24/7 joints around the metro you can just run to when you feel the urge to eat — especially after a…few bottles of alcohol with friends. My go-to place actually used to be good ol’ 7Eleven or Mini Stop with their cheap rice toppings served in very, shall we say, humble amounts. Just enough to keep my tiny girly stomach from grumbling on my way home, actually. But sometimes you can’t avoid your belly from wanting more and from wanting something different so, somewhere in The Fort, a place called Recovery Food acts as the perfect cure.

Top of the morning to you, too!

The interior is done in such a way that you get to see the chefs at work while you wait for your food. It does us all some good. For the customers, watching what should’ve been behind-the-scenes helps distract from the hunger and, for business, it helped encourage extra orders. In my case, watching them prepare the food and move around the kitchen made my boyfriend realise he also wanted some soup with his meal. Extra cha-ching to you, Recovery Food. Sly tactics.

Anyway, they serve their rice bowls in two size: half, and a full recovery (for people who can eat an entire elephant). My boyfriend ordered a half of Happy Beef Rice (described as: Tender beef rice topping with RF’s special Beef Rice) while I got myself a half Hey Jude’s Paksig (Sarangani bangus belly cooked in a native vinegar broth, organic rice). Both meals came with option between choosing brown or white rice. We also got dalandan juice.

The juice is served in a plain glass bottle, good enough for 2 to 3 people for 90 bucks. Not bad, aye?

The Happy Beef Bowl Rice…which I wasn’t really happy about. It just tasted like plain old beef sparerib rice, tbh. But, hey, maybe Travis enjoyed it.

Hey Jude’s Paksig. Having “vinegar” in the description won me over and it was really yummy yummy. I definitely enjoyed this meal, especially with the green mango with onions and tomatoes served on the side. A definite favourite!

If you ever find yourself famished, stuck in the middle of The Fort at an odd hour of night, then head over to Recovery Food, where I think every hungry night owl is welcome. Team Nocturnals right here!

Travis and Cai approved!


Written by Cai

2013 April 24 at 18:28

Heima Design Discussions IV + Brixton BBQ Party

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It really is summer now, you know. I’ve been sweating buckets probably to the point that it wouldn’t be healthy anymore if I don’t double the standard glasses-of-water-a-day count. It’s like my skin is crying. Yeesh.

But anyway, besides the heat and sweat, summers also come with good things! Such as the season for surf, sand and…BARBEQUE PARTIES. Oh yeah. I love me my barbeque and grilled corn like a most proper human being. And that is exactly what I had last night at the Brixton BBQ Party hosted by the ever awesome and very pretty Heima Store. But of, course, before the munching began, art things came first!

I am a big fan of most, if not all, of these people. I kid you not.

I haven’t really got a lot of photos as I have been incredibly engrossed with all the words coming outta their mouths (especially Status Magaizine tbh. I love them). But first, a photo of the decor (and me. Hehe. Pulled from my Instagram account).

Shall I say…#selfie?

An excellent crowd this year. So many people!

Plus adorable scribbles on the Co.Lab walls that are true to the Heima aesthetic.

The walls matched my toes, too! Haha.

I actually got there late so I missed the first speakers, but I did get there in time to catch Inksurge and Status Magazine! Was busy taking down notes tho, so I was not able to snap a shot of Patrick Jamora and Rosario Herrera.

But I do have a photo of Mara Coson and Leloy Claudio of The Manila Review, an excellent publication that shows that, yes, there are quite a number of intellectuals in the country who are willing to let their opinions be heard. And that, yes, there are also people who enjoy taking part and reading this sort of thing. Including me and my father! I’m going to have him like their Facebook page when he gets home.

I’m sorry if this is an awkward photo, you guys.

Also, super adorable art couple Nice Buenaventura and Owel Alvero of IdKids, explaining their “non-movement” which is minimalist kitsch.

And of course, Marie Jamora talking about her love/brainchild, Ang Nawawala (What Isn’t There).

Wasn’t able to take photos of Isabel Gatuslao either because I was also busy taking notes and being a fan girl. She was so inspiring and hilarious at the same time. She so adorbs (AND POWERFUL)! I love her.

During the 10 minute break between talks, though, I got myself into a little misadventure with my friend Jonver by accidentally locking ourselves out of a fire exit while accompanying him for a smoking break. Photo-taking still happened, though. Hey, can’t blame us. We’re addicted to Instagram…and we may just be a tiny bit vain.

Behold my iPad photo editing skills. (Which is not really something to be proud of. But. Well.)

After the talks, we headed down to the Heima store front for the BBQ party and mentioned intense perspiration action. My god was it hot. I’d say it was hot as balls, but I don’t really know where that term came from and I honestly don’t care to know. Haha.

So, yes. A lot of fun was to be had (besides sweating). Much booze and many sticks of barbeque were consumed and I could happily say that despite the raging heat of this tropical country, it was an awesome 12 hours of my life. 12 EFFING HOURS.


Things in my Instagram

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Just a few things I post on my Instagram. My friend Judd got me into the app after months of indifference. For one, I didn’t (and still don’t) own an iPhone. Two, my iPad camera sucks. But for some reason, I ended up getting addicted to over-sharing through pictures, anyway. As if I don’t do enough of it by having a photo blog aka this thing.

I’m fairly certain quite a number of photography snobs see Instagramming as “lazy photography” but I couldn’t care any less. It’s fun.

So…yes. Photos. Here they are of varying quality — from my dad’s iPhone 4 camera to my mummy’s iPhone 4s to my…dinky iPad camera. And a few pictures pulled from online.

As mentioned in one of my recent posts, my boyfriend went abroad to SF and NY on holiday and came back with these lovelies for me.

FREEBIES DA BEST: Urban Outfitters Hair Chalk, a few of more packets of Starburst, Trident gum (I dunno why he bought me this…), a tube of MAC lipstick in Morange, sunglasses, a sketching set and the most recent issue of Nylon Magazine.
Added a bunch of effects to slightly distract the people from the awful photo quality. It works…sometimes.

And then a few things I got for myself this summer.

Because…you know. Can never have enough tribal print? Or is that just me?

Then, of course, food. As if an Instagram post can go without.

Houjicha and matcha Kitkat, strawberry shortcake from Tous les Jours, banoffee pie from Mom & Tina’s, Wicked Oreos from Flaming Wings

Blueberry pancakes, strawberry taho in Baguio, a Starbucks moment at Times Square HK and vanilla ice cream :3

And random things I like such as:


Notebooks with cats

Art/creative dates with Travis where I sometimes use said notebooks with cats

Another date with Travis where we artsy-fartsied ourselves at Silverlens Gallery


Music (pardon the dirt on my nail. Ugh.)


Kombis with mustaches (at Heima at Three Brixton, Kapitolyo. Photo taken during the Brixton Block Party)

and beating the summer heat with our massive inflatable pool, because we’re posh like that.


And of course, illustration things. Because I’m really trying to be good at it again after months and months of unofficial hiatus aka disinterest. Sad, I know.

Well, that was more image heavy than I thought it would be. This fascination for Instagram? I don’t see it dying anytime soon, to be honest.



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